Why is my 240hz monitor only showing 120hz?

Are you trying to figure out that your 240 Hz monitor is only showing 120 Hz for no reason, maybe during games or even all the time, even though you spend money on it?

If you have tried everything in daylight, but still have not solved the problem with the 240 Hz screen, which operates at 120 Hz, in this guide I will explain the most common problems and related solutions so that you can return to work.

Below I will explain how to identify and eliminate each of the 6 most likely causes.

It does not matter if you are playing computer gaming on Windows 10 or on the console. Everything has to be covered. Further, if you are interested to read about the effects of CPU on gaming.

6 troubleshooting tricks when monitor capped at 120Hz

1. Your screen is set to 120 Hz by default

image shows monitor settings
120 Hz by default

How to change hertz on monitor?

A common problem is that your screen defaults to 120 Hz. how to change hertz on monitor?

To change it, go to Settings> System> Display> Advanced display settings> Display adapter properties. Then click on the monitor and select your monitor refresh rate from the drop-down menu.

There you can choose from a variety of refresh rates that your monitor supports. If you plug the HDMI 2.0 cable into the correct ports and your monitor or dual monitor supports 240 Hz, with a perfect CPU(single-core or multi-core CPU) and motherboard, you should be able to see 240 Hz.

2. You are using an incompatible display port or HDMI

display port cable vs hdmi cable
Display port vs HDMI

Unless you’re a tech geek, it’s normal to buy a cable and hope for the best. In terms of technology, the video cables or audio cables used are very important. Using the wrong cable could mean a 240 Hz monitor will only display 120 Hz as the cable limits the monitor’s ability to operate above 120 Hz.

The standard HDMI cable doesn’t support 240 Hz, so it’s easy to see why your screen is only showing 120 Hz.

To change this you need at least a 240Hz compatible cable, e.g. HDMI 2.0.B

If you bought your monitor brand new, this cable should normally come with your monitor in the original packaging.

3. Outdated Graphics drivers

notifcaion of ghrapic card is outdated
outdated graphic card

However, this is very unlikely and an outdated GPU driver could affect your monitor’s Hertz values ​​for some reason. This is likely only true if you haven’t used your computer and graphics card in a long time or haven’t had an update problem in years.

Make sure all of your GPU drivers are up to date with the appropriate GPU software for great video quality.

If you’re using an AMD graphics processor, you’re using AMD software, etc

4. Make sure your monitor actually supports 240 Hz

240hz monitor
240 Hz monitor

Just because your screen is costing a few hundred dollars doesn’t let the price fool you, you might have a 60Hz display. You can easily search your monitor model (Vga, video card) on Google and find its specifications online on websites like the manufacturer or Amazon.

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Some of the best-selling 240hz Monitors online:

Acer Nitro XZ270 Xbmiipx 27″ 1500R Curved Full HD

Sceptre 27 inch 240Hz 1080p Gaming Monitor

AOC C27G2Z 27″ Curved Frameless Ultra-Fast Gaming Monitor

Dell 240Hz Gaming Monitor 24.5 Inch Full HD Monitor

SAMSUNG 32″ Odyssey Neo G8 4K UHD 240Hz 1ms G-Sync

SAMSUNG Odyssey G4 Series 25-Inch FHD Gaming Monitor

Another way to check is to check the settings.

For Windows 10, go to Settings> System> Display> Advanced display settings> Display adapter properties. Next, go to the “Monitor” tab and choose your page refresh rate from the drop-down menu.

What you see in this list can be removed from your Monitor.

5. Check if your console supports 240 Hz

os4 and ps5
ps4 and ps5 console

If your monitor is 240Hz but only shows 120Hz, another common problem is that while your monitor supports 240Hz, it might not be your console.

For example, all PS4 models (including the PS4 Pro) only have a maximum refresh rate of 60 Hz. This also applies to the Xbox One and all of its models.

PS5 and Xbox Series X can run at 120 Hz with 1080p resolution.

Most likely your console doesn’t support 240Hz unless you’re playing on a PC.

Learn more about 120hz vs 144hz Monitors For Gaming .

6. Plug the cable into the wrong ports

hdmi port
HDMI port

Finally, perhaps the craziest thing you can do is plug the appropriate cables into different ports. The only reason I know it’s possible is because I did it myself, despite the shameful claim.

And no, I haven’t connected HDMI 2.0b to a normal HDMI connector port yet, because that’s not possible.

I did this by plugging HDMI 2.0B into the HDMI 2.0 port on the computer case to make sure I never plugged it into the GPU port, but somewhere else. Yes, it’s crazy, but it’s happening. Make sure it’s not something you’ve done.

To prevent your 240Hz monitor from running at 120 Hz, you must connect HDMI 2.0b to the GPU port. The other end of the cable should go to the HDMI port 2.0b on your new monitor. Simple, isn’t it?


Can HDMI reach 240Hz?

HDMI 2.0 displays 1440p at 144Hz and 1080p at 240Hz. Versions 1.4 and 2.0 support adaptive synchronization, i.e. AMD FreeSync technology.

HDMI 2.0a adds support for High Dynamic Range (HDR), while HDMI 2.0b has the advanced HDR10 format and support for the HLG standard.

How do I check the HZ of my monitor?

Right-click on the desktop and click Display Settings.

Find and select the Advanced Display Settings tab.

Click Video Adapter Properties.

Click the Monitor tab.

Select the desired refresh rate and click Apply and then OK.

How do I enable the 240hz Nvidia control panel?

open the Nvidia control panel, then go to the “Resolution” tab under “Displays”, then select the desired resolution under “PC (not Ultra HD, HD, SD)” and “Select» 240 ». Hertz” under the “Refresh Rate” option.


Hopefully, thanks to all of the above, I was able to solve your problem and now you can jump back and play your favorite games at a curved screen of 240 Hz. If you find other potential reasons why you could use 120 Hz instead of 240 Hz, please leave a comment below.

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